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Transformers Series "Grimlock power bank"
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Transformers Series "Grimlock power bank"


Battery Type: Lithium Polymer Battery,
Battery Capacity:  5,000mAh
Output (USB Type A):  5V / 2.1A Max. output
Input(Micro USB): 5V, 1A

The Most Perfect Grimlock powerbank ever! Panel can Light up to show your side!

We are in need of help! If the Decepticons get their hands on the allspark, the wold as we know will all be doomed. In such critical time, light and mobile devices are very important as we need them to light up our path and communicate between resistances.  That is why we developed a device that will help the human resistance, and at the same time show which is most connected to you; in this case, it's Grimlock from autobots.

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